The Language Academy has developed another school that offers an authentic Spanish cultural and linguistic developmental program.

In addition to French, Spanish is as well one of the six official United Nations languages. Its popularity can be seen through the fact that over 400 million people are fluent in the language making it the third most spoken. Already over 20 countries have Spanish as their official language; including Argentina, Cuba, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Mexico, and Costa Rica. As these locations and Spain increasing grow as a popular tourist destination and for study abroad educational programs, there is an increasing importance and need to be able to speak Spanish. Even in Asia Spanish is being studied more intensively as well as in school in America, possibly signifying the importance of this culture in the global markets.

By being able to speak Spanish fluently as a child, it opens the doors for going abroad as an adult to study Spanish like 18 million students do currently. As well allowing the individual to be able to explore a multicultural lifestyle in which they can go into another environment and explore its amenities for that which nonfluent tourists can not understand. With over 200 days of sunshine in NJ we also find it important to have our students be able to get out when the weather allows. There is a full playground next to the school but we also encourage sports that allow for unconventional communication within the language, such as soccer and races. The students are able to get out their energy, allowing them to perform better in class and stay focused for longer periods.