We propose a strong and fun curriculum that will encourage your child to become bilingual. Students will discover a new language and culture through language immersion, traditional songs, games and books. They will also ease into grammar, reading, and writing. Of course we offer many diverse classes based on our students ability and age. Below we will go over the general classes we offer for each level based on a student’s ability:


Beginners 1 and 2:

In these courses students will accomplish basic conversational skills through the integration of key lessons. Our lessons range from: colors, numbers, alphabet, sounds, days of the week, months, short stories, vocabulary of daily life, travel, geography, Spanish celebrations, and traditional songs.

Pronunciation and articulation are very important: the student will feel confident to speak and be understood.



Intermediate 1, 2 and 3:

Throughout these courses students will develop and sharpen their reading and writing skills. These lessons will focus on verbs, spelling, grammar, pronunciation, conjugations, and more.

By the end of these courses, students feel more confident to build sentences and short essays. We encourage reading, as well student’s constantly learn new vocabulary through songs, poems, and short stories.


Advanced 1 and 2:

The student can easily speak, write in Spanish and continue the basic topics previously discussed in a more advanced setting. For instance, students will be reading famous Spanish authors as well as developing more advanced short essays.

By the end of these courses the students and parents will be confident that they will be admitted in Spanish Honors classes at any level of school.