The French Saturday School offers a 34 week course, meeting every Saturday for 3 hours (for children age 6+) or 2 hours (for children age 3-5)


General culture (Histoire de France, géographie, instruction civique, art et culture..) and language: grammaire, orthographe, conjugaison, étude de textes..)


Our values at the French Saturday School ​​are consistent with the Bulletin Officiel of 2008 Unknown-4enforced by the Education Nationale. The student must become “autonomous, have the taste for effort and perseverance.” A very young child must learn methodically, guided by the teacher, to one day have the pleasure of doing alone in respect of a job well done.It is the taste for effort that brings success to the pupil, intelligence alone is not enough. In France the education is very rationale, methodical, and logical in nature. This spirit is held as a value at our school. However critical thinking is also another value in the French Education, that we develop since the preschool level.


french school new jerseyHomework:

We organize homework in such a way that children can be autonomous. A student must develop the faculty of working alone without being systematically assisted by the presence of an adult. This will be a key for a great future. Of course, parents are welcomed to check if the work has been done, and even correct it with the child.


We believe that mistakes bring you closer to success. Many children are afraid to make mistakes. At the French Saturday School, we know that mistakes build the students and their knowledge. “But be aware: success does not consist in never making mistakes but in never making the same one a second time!” (George Bernard Shaw)