As adults, we know how hard it is to learn another language, and how important multiculturalism is: we propose a strong and fun French as the second language curriculum that will bring your child to bilingualism and open more doors for it in its growth. They will build their future with confidence and maturity. Many parents even decide to enroll their children as young as 3 years old.
Students will discover French and French culture through language immersion, culture, traditional songs, games, books. They will also ease into French grammar, reading, and writing. We practice total immersion: it is the only way to effectively learn (and remember!) a language —you will be astonished as to how fast your child will start communicating in French.


We are very familiar with the rigorous demands required for IB/AP/SAT & CLEP exams. We offer a strong and continuous exam preparation program – focused on both written and spoken language – which will effectively prepare students in taking these important exams and ultimately ease the university admission process.


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