French Language and Culture Workshops:

In addition to our year-long classes, we offer culture classes to students and non-students. These classes incorporate a variety of topics which vary from week to week, as they incorporate everything from Art to Literature. We also sing traditional French songs and guide the children in their discovery of the French culture. The workshops are not meant to exhaust our students but instead used to incorporate a fun learning model with important topics; in order to develop a more in depth understanding of the culture.
Our students enjoy: art and crafts (cross stitch, painting, and more), must see french movies with popcorn, as well as cultural events such as La Chandeleur, La Galette des Rois, Noel, … 

Mommy/daddy and me classes: Wednesday and Friday from 9:30 to 10:30am

At mommy/daddy and me classes, you can sing, read, play, and learn French with your baby and toddler! No minimum or maximum age. We offer immersion French classes to introduce French effortlessly to your child, or to improve it.  For years, scientists and parents know the benefits of introducing babies to two or more languages: Bilingual experience has been shown to improve cognitive abilities, especially problem-solving. For infants 0 to 6 years old, that bilingual learning happens almost effortlessly: Learning is fun! This will be a great experience you can share with your child, whether you are a native French or not!

French Book Club:

This monthly event encourages our students to improve their French proficiency and reading level through stories they are interested in. The books are available for all levels, but the children are guided towards selections at their level or more challenging ones. The students will be able to take time to share with their peers what they are enjoying and what they have read. In addition to fun reads, plenty of educational books are provided that give cultural facts in a way that is interesting to students.

French Summer Camp and Boot Camp:

Our French Summer and Boot Camps take place during the last two weeks of August. The first week, Summer Camp, offers outdoor activities, arts and crafts, French board games, cooking, and much more. The second week is a Boot camp where we go over the work that has been done during the year every morning for three hours, in order to refresh the students’ minds and go over the material learned throughout the school year. The afternoon is reserved for outdoor activities and French games, art & crafts, and the students choose what they want to do.

French  IB, AP, CLEP, and SAT Preparation and Review:

We are very familiar with the rigorous demands required for the IB, AP, CLEP, and SAT exams. Our strong and continuous exam preparation focuses on both written and spoken language, in order for a thorough understanding of the language and culture. We understand how important these exams are for determining a young adult’s future, which is why we give a dedicated effort to have your child reach their highest potential. We are here to help ease the college admission process through a score that will set your child above the rest.

End of the Year Party:

The End of the Year Party is quite unique; it is a time for the children to express their French or Spanish skills to their parents and peers. As well the children are encouraged to have fun with their peers and parents as they enjoy cultural activities and games. The children can demonstrate their new proficiency in their language by engaging in games to win prizes.
This is also a time to share with one another the connection of being part of a multicultural environment, and celebrate the children’s full effort and consistency that they put forth. The children deserve it and will quickly see the benefits of belonging to a bilingual community! 

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