“My oldest daughter, who is now six, started attending French Saturday School three years ago. Since then, she has learned so much; she’s becoming fluent in French. We don’t speak French at home but we certainly have seen how amazing language immersion works. The teachers at the school are warm and caring. Our youngest daughter started French this past year and she loves it. She looks forward to her French class every Saturday. This is definitely a unique program in New Jersey and I’m very grateful that my daughters are able to attend. Thank you Nathalie and all your staff!” -Steffania(Parent of Student)

“The French Saturday School of New Jersey has been a valuable educational resource for our family, in the context of our numerous international professional relocations. Our son Robert began his bilingual schooling in Canada. In the US he had the chance to continue his French language training with a highly skilled and experienced teacher Ms. Nathalie Walker, currently the head of the school. Under her expert and dedicated guidance our son acquired not only a high standard of French language instruction for his age level but also a rigorous and effective method of study. As parents we were impressed with the remarkable instructional standards as well as the individual attention afforded to each child. The student body is culturally diverse and their interactions under the experienced faculty supervision enables a balanced and positive social development.” -Elena C. (Parent)

“The Language Academy is one of the nicest schools I have attended. The founder, Nathalie Walker, Emerson, and the teachers make an amazing team in teaching young children and adults, like me, to learn French or Spanish. Nathalie was very kind in making accommodations for my son needs, with special sitting and extra attention while I took private lessons with Emerson. I highly recommend the school for anyone interested in a learning a second language and agree that Saturday is the best time to go because you are free of the week-days run around and can enjoy learning with a fresh mind.” -Glorinete L. (Student and Parent of Student)

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